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Crathes Castle
Crathes Castle is not only one of the most beautiful and best preserved 16th century castles in Scotland, but it was lived in by a single family for over 350 years. The fourteen generations of Burnetts has produced generals, admirals and judges, a bishop or two. Crathes is still very much a home steeped in the love and care lavished on it by the generations.

The garden beside this romantic chateau-like Scottish tower house, with its little round towers and square overhanging turrets, was very much the brainchild of Sir James Burnett and his wife, Lady Sybil. It was their brilliant imagination earlier this century which gradually evolved the distinctive ornamental thematic displays throughout the whole walled garden that we see today. However, tradition has it that the oldest yews in the higher level of the garden date from 1702.

The walled garden had been cultivated as a kitchen garden, to serve the needs of the castle household, almost since the castle was built. It is divided into eight sections, each with its own particular theme and character. It is the clever color combinations which strike you as you wander round the paths and borders.

Crathes also has a series of spectacularly painted ceilings, probably dating from the time the castle was first inhabited around 1596 by Alexander Burnet of Leys and his wife Katherine Gordon of Lesmoir. The paintings, hidden for more than a century under a false ceiling were only unearthed during alterations in 1877. King Arthur and King David stare down at visitors; an anonymous lady in a red dress smiles mysteriously as she plays a violin. On beams beside the paintings, artists scripted short homilies: “As a dog turneth to his owne Vomit, so the foole returneth to his own foolishness.”

Crathes remained in the Burnett Family continuously until 1952. James C.A. Burnett of Leys, whose grandfather donated the castle to the Trust and who still lives almost next door, spent summer holidays there as a boy in the 1940s. Today, Burnett is working with American descendants of his clan to install an archive at Crathes that will tell the full history of the family.

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