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June's Biography
June Baldwin Bork began her genealogical career in 1967, 49 years ago when her dear grandmother Bertha Johnson Baker gave June her deceased husbands (Walter Baker) very old tin lockbox which contained old letters, tin-type photos, many Baker deeds, and best of all, an original STUTEVILLE Will. She immediately went to the library and ordered micro-film.
Grandmother Bertha Baker wanted to join DAR (Daughters of American Revolution), with her friends who were joining. Even though she had many to choose from, they chose JEREMIAH BURNETT.
Bertha told June her grandfather lived in Wayne County, Kentucky, so she wrote a letter to her friend who lived there and she said it was not true. She decided to check for herself, so she flew from California to Kentucky and stayed with her friend Nell Marsh who was a cousin to the only Judge of the courthouse. The Judge gave her the keys to the courthouse so she could come and go as she pleased.
The smelly old records were in the basement with deer skin wrapped around them. She quickly recognized a “Gold Mine” of old documents dating back to 1800, and called her husband and he sent her a portable "Reel to Reel" tape recorder that she talked into all day every day. After leaving her husband Steve Sr. and young son Steve Jr. for several months, She went back home and started typing. To get started, she purchased a used IBM electric typewriter and typed on stencils then ran them on a Memo-graph machine.
Junes son Steve Jr. built a website for her called and posted it on the internet on July 19th, 2002 to list and sell all of her books which quickly became a popular place to obtain family information as well as to purchase any books that she wrote. That web address: is no longer used by June Baldwin Bork Publishing Company and has changed to Since the time that June first wrote her book and advertised it, she has moved 3 times in 35 years so the internet is loaded with wrong contact information to Junes whereabouts. Find the most recent updated contact information on this website as of 1/1/2010 HERE!
She has said that looking back, she does not know how she ever did it. She bought her first computer in 1988 and I began advertising in a Genealogical Magazine.
Since that time, June Baldwin Bork has written more than 35 genealogical reference books in her 46+ years of research of 10's of thousands of names originating from the United States, Scotland as well as many other country's providing detailed information leading to your Ancestors or where your name originated from or who you are related to.
The information that June has written in the books and copyrighted that some call "Genealogical tomes" were all researched and published by June Baldwin Bork publishing company comprising over 10,000 total pages.
There are family names, places, dates and a wealth of information on each family in these books that do not appear in their complete form, anywhere else in any library, database on or off the internet.
If you are researching your Ancestors of the Burnetts, Crowleys, Kimsey, Baldwin, Baker, Bork or many Thousands of other family names; Vital Records of Wayne County, Kentucky; Battle of Point Pleasant, Lord Dunsmore War, October 14th, 1774, you would need to see for yourself all the much completed info that is contained.
If you are a genealogist or would just like to know where you came from, nowhere will you find what you require unless you pick up and read one of these books that June Baldwin Bork has herself, Published!
June retired approx 8 years ago but due to her books becoming more and more in demand, has started up again organizing and selling her books, now online with AMAZON!

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